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A Groove Thang

With artists releasing music like Forces back in the early 2000’s, another music review was due. From relishing in the past to taking a look at what’s hot… or not in the present we’re serving you Hip Hop 101, no Kap. Breezy Leigh ft. Jamal  @itsbreezyf | @jfofana  

Closer Than Kin

Get up. Get out…& get into this tea. Issa grade A good ol’ fashioned Kiki. From friends to drama to love and everything in between, we get real about the real. Breezy Leigh ft. Jacqui and Lauren   @itsbreezyf | @jacqui_ooo | @lauren_tranell

Massive Chune

Back in they hearts, BARS podcast strikes again with MASSIVE CHUNE!!! In this episode we’re serving you the real, rap, raw on some new summer releases & controversial topics in today’s Hip Hop. Sidenote: it is very difficult to impersonate the voice of Uncle Snoop, just sayin. Breezy Leigh ft. Paul Gee   @itsbreezyf | @paulgeetv


Tragic incidents occurred in Charlottesville Virginia two weeks ago. So in light of our relation here at BARS podcast not only with that town but also with the clear social justice issue at hand, I’ve found it appropriate to sum up this description using the wise words of Ice Cube. “Yo Dre, I’ve Got Something […]

Do The Right Thing

Chao-litics as usual. A look into this new genre of politics that has been plaguing modern day America as of late. Through analyses of current events we get real about the real. Breezy Leigh ft. Charles | @coletypical

First Of All Lemme Thank My Connect

A much needed session with New York City’s finest hair & makeup artist. She just so happens to be my connect on all things beautification and celebrity gossip, so I figured I’d spread the wealth. We got some tips for the fellas as well. Thank me later. Breezy Leagh ft. Dee Baby | @urban_kinks

The Feels V. Hard

Episode 8: “Anotha One.” We review another selection of new music releases. This is the R&B … aka the feels edition. ….*cues “Mercy Me” by Marvin Gaye*…… Breezy Leagh ft. Chris Will | @ctdubbs


Episode 7: Issa good old fashioned girl talk sesh. Including the past weeks current events from BET to boyfights & Rihanna… just sit back, relax & get into this tea. Breezy Leigh ft. Lauren Kier | @lauren_tranell