Category: Season 1

The Bridge Is Over

“Cause we don’t complain nor do we play the game of favors.” In the season finale episode we cover competition at its highest peak. From sports, to women, music and so much more we cover today’s hot topics in urban & pop culture. Breezy Leigh ft. Jontel Evans | @bubevans1

En Vogue

A tell-all on what’s in for men & women’s fashion all summer 17. From threads to kicks & everything in between fashionista & trend enthusiast @tookieslays gives us the tips to keep us fresh. Breezy Leigh ft. Tookie Slays | @tookieslays

No Ordinary Hair

Episode 6: We are nooott our hairrrr *India Arie voice*…. yes we are my g. In this episode we cover the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of this natural hair journey. Come along and ride on this fantastic voyage. Breezy Leigh ft. Brittany Silva | @2_be_sade  

Femme Fatale

Episode 5: We are every woman, it’s all in us. A review of current events covering the planned, the unplanned, a house nigga, and much more.  Breezy Leigh ft. Christian Garland  |  @christiangarland  

Big Chune

Episode 3: Issa verbal jam session on new releases in today’s Hip hop. Some came through with big chune pon’ dem…while others showed up and took a poo.

Don’t Touch My Healthcare

Episode 2: An episode serving the tea on today’s healthcare in the United States. We cover the good, the bad…and it’s looming replacement which is just ugly. *Views expressed within this episode are personal and do not represent that of any particular company.