Month: August 2017


Tragic incidents occurred in Charlottesville Virginia two weeks ago. So in light of our relation here at BARS podcast not only with that town but also with the clear social justice issue at hand, I’ve found it appropriate to sum up this description using the wise words of Ice Cube. “Yo Dre, I’ve Got Something […]

The Bridge Is Over

“Cause we don’t complain nor do we play the game of favors.” In the season finale episode we cover competition at its highest peak. From sports, to women, music and so much more we cover today’s hot topics in urban & pop culture. Breezy Leigh ft. Jontel Evans | @bubevans1

Do The Right Thing

Chao-litics as usual. A look into this new genre of politics that has been plaguing modern day America as of late. Through analyses of current events we get real about the real. Breezy Leigh ft. Charles | @coletypical