Month: July 2017

En Vogue

A tell-all on what’s in for men & women’s fashion all summer 17. From threads to kicks & everything in between fashionista & trend enthusiast @tookieslays gives us the tips to keep us fresh. Breezy Leigh ft. Tookie Slays | @tookieslays

First Of All Lemme Thank My Connect

A much needed session with New York City’s finest hair & makeup artist. She just so happens to be my connect on all things beautification and celebrity gossip, so I figured I’d spread the wealth. We got some tips for the fellas as well. Thank me later. Breezy Leagh ft. Dee Baby | @urban_kinks

The Feels V. Hard

Episode 8: “Anotha One.” We review another selection of new music releases. This is the R&B … aka the feels edition. ….*cues “Mercy Me” by Marvin Gaye*…… Breezy Leagh ft. Chris Will | @ctdubbs


Episode 7: Issa good old fashioned girl talk sesh. Including the past weeks current events from BET to boyfights & Rihanna… just sit back, relax & get into this tea. Breezy Leigh ft. Lauren Kier | @lauren_tranell