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  1. I would like to begin my comment with a bit of an introduction, lol. Brittany and I attended the same elementary school and I loved her family. I remember her mom and grandma mainly, don’t ask me why, because I could barely remember what I did a second ago. So I just wanted to start off by saying hey, lovely ladies.
    I digress! I’ve been natural for at least 6 years. My journey started because I never liked perms, they smell, it burned my scalp, and I sweat in my head so my hair would puff up at the root, lol. I was more or a box braid, full head sew in kind of girl. However, in 2011 I went on a family vacation and had cornrows done at an African braiding salon which were done so tightly. Consequently, I told myself I have to stop this torture to my hair. From that moment I knew I was going natural. I tranistioned for a few months, but drew tired of the mixed textures fighting each other, lol. Fast forward to 2013 when I started teaching and I would hear my students speak so negatively about their hair and skin color. I knew I had to reach them and I did that through speaking and modeling the pride of self. By the end of that first year until currently you’ll find at least 10-15 female students in my school not just my classes rocking their natural hair and displaying pure pride of who they are.
    I KNOW THIS IS A LONG COMMENT BUT, I FELT VERY COMPLELLED TO EXPRESS MY SENTIMENTS. So my current chapter In my journey is, Pay it Forward.

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for sharing with us. I can totally relate to your story of your hair journey on so many levels lol. More importantly, it is so good to know that we have like minded folks out there that think it’s important to encourage people of color (young and old alike) to love their melanin and the texture of their hair no matter what. Though I don’t know your name I will be sure to let Brittany know about the lovely comment that you left in regards to her episode, I know it will mean a lot. Thanks again and we hope you continue to tune in.

      Blessings & Love,

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